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Space Duck Gaming.- El Presidente

Alongside my work in animation, my games designer friend Tom Hughes and I started a partnership in mid 2015 to create Board Games. The result is Space Duck Games, and 'El Presidente' is our first project currently in development. Below is some video campaigning material we've created for it.  Visit:  // 'El Presidente' is property of Space Duck Games, all rights reserved.

All artwork and animation done by myself using Adobe's Photoshop & After Effects

All artwork and animation done by myself using Adobe's Photoshop & After Effects

Treehouse Republic Ltd.- Epic Eric

I've done a lot work for Treehouse Republic over the years, some of the most fun was directing 'Epic Eric', an in-development show aimed to boys 7-11. Below is the trailer that we used in our Cartoon Forum presentation alongside the Animatic for a possible pilot.

Visit & // 'Epic Eric' and all related titles are property of Treehouse Republic Ltd.

Trailer Director, Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Art Director, Compositing and VFX 

Director, Storyboard Artist, Editor

Kill The Monster.- Promotional

Outside animation, stage work has always been something that gives me great pleasure. Over time I've acted and directed theatre but the last few years I've been mostly focused on Improv comedy with my troupe: Kill The Monster where we perform regularly across Dublin. Below is some After effects promos that 've done for them. The first an opening sting, the second, the start of many webisodes.

Showreel.- Collected

A cross-section of work done across the years in After Effects, from character animation, to compositing, motion graphics and photo manipulation.

All professional work belongs to their respective studios, while the video is hosted on Vimeo, it can only be seen through website and cannot be downloaded (have to respect the creator's rights!) 

'Lifeboat Luke' (c) Lifeboat Luke Ltd, All Rights Reserved

'Whiffle and Fuzz' (c) Disney, All Rights Reserved

'I'm A Monster' (c) Monster Entertainment, All Rights Reserved

'Mad Snacker' (c) MadSnacker Industries, All Rights Reserved

'Garrai Glas'  & 'Eoghar Na Ghra' (c) Abu Media Teo, All Rights Reserved

'Speed Kills' (c) Big Ten Four Productions, All Rights Reserved

'Meteor Campaign' (c) Meteor, AllRights Reserved

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